Wednesday, September 06, 2006
Still Waiting.....
We got our I797 in the mail just a few days ago, the document that we've been impatiently waiting on for 12 (yes, twelve!) weeks. Today it should have arrived at the Chinese Consulate in Houston to be Authenticated. (Praise Jesus and FedEx!) Hopefully, by next week, for the love of all things good and right, we will be -- DTC. Then finally a LID! Maybe some PMS and an IUD.......I just love acronyms.
The paperchase that we began in January will soon be done. Then all we'll have to do is WAIT. Some more.


Blogger Christie said...

Gina, Nice work on your blog! I'm so bad at working on mine. I'm glad that your almost done and DTC. I know it will be a load off when you get it done!


Blogger Kim :) said...

I am so glad my buddy has an updated blog! You did a wonderful job!! I am cheering for Fed Ex to get that valuable paper back in your hands!! The copy machine is warmed up and ready!

Blogger Tina said...

Great job Gina!! Its about time you updated this blog!!! :)

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